Calibrate Meal Replacement-Orange Cream

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Calibrate is the Ultimate Meal Replacement Shake!  Calibrate provides protein, carbohydrates and reduced fat ratios for the complete nutrition you need to accomplish all your fitness goals.

Calibrate's VITAMIN AND MINERAL BLEND provides 100% of the RDA of essential vitamins, and includes potassium and calcium which are necessary for building healthy muscle and bone.

Calibrate's HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS make it the most "bio-available" product on the market today.  Absolutely NO fillers, thickeners, hydrogenated oils, aspartame or harmful artificial flavors or colors are contained in this product.  Calibrate is virtually lactose free.

Eliminate the expense and headache of purchasing whey protein, amino acid supplements, glutamine supplement for muscle recovery, daily fiber product and a multivitamin pill.  Instead, just drink a Calibrate Meal Replacement Shake!

  • Improve energy and metabolism   
  • 100% RDA vitamins/minerals
  • No harmful artificial flavors or colors
  • Virtually lactose free
  • Protein absorption rate up to 85%
  • Millions of shakes sold!