BOOM was specifically designed for people who want to take their workout and energy to the next level. 





BOOM is a pre-training/workout drink designed to deliver active ingredients that hits your bloodstream immediately and last throughout your entire workout.

Nitric Oxide is the most important component of developing lean strong muscles, losing fat, or increasing muscle size. Nitric Oxide tightens the bloodstream in order to deliver the most important fuels and nutrients for exercise and recuperation within a muscle cell. BOOM breaks all of the barriers of typical NO products by releasing an instant explosion in Nitric Oxide levels and blowing the doors off of typical NO products by unbelievable levels.

The Body Evolution has acquired the best food Scientists and Formulators in the industry to surpass all competing products and to bring outrageously great results to your body. For over one year, our Scientific research team has worked on BOOM making it the finest pre-workout drink available today. Our initial tests have proven massive energy increases, huge muscle pumps, and fantastic fat burning potentiation. And the taste is excellent! Be ready for incredible muscle stamina and almost instantaneous recovery as well. As with all Body Evolution products, BOOM contains NO HARMFUL ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, COLORS, ADDERS OR FILLERS and is SUGAR FREE.

Boom Power Rush is available in 4 delicious easy to mix flavors: Blue Raspberry, Gushing Grape, Lemon Lime Squeeze, and Piña Colada.

Five Amazing Flavors!