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For years, energy drinks, pre-workouts and high wake you up products simply came in the form of a high caffeinated soda pop or a supplement containing ephedrine.  It seemed that both ultimately created the same outcome.  High energy and then high crash.  Everyone loves a good energy boost, but why the crash?  Why do most pre-workouts and energy drinks feel so good, state they are so good and then crash your body?

The answer is simple.  The ingredients!  Loaded with sugar, most energy drinks will give you that fast pick you up and then it is almost imminent that you will crash.  Sugar does work and will spike your insulin for a brief amount of time, not allowing your glycemic index to enjoy any long term effect.  “A sugar boost will just leave you lagging in an Hour” quotes, Dr. Christine Gerbstadt who is the spokesperson for the American Diabetic Association.

The second culprit to an Energy Crash is Caffeine.  Studies have shown that Caffeine is a wonderful stimulant when used correctly.  It wakes up your bain, increases metabolic activity and also helps provide energy for a great workout.  But the side effects of caffeine when taken at higher doses are “anxiety, irritability, insomnia and restlessness”, says Laura Jeffers, RD, LD, a dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.   "Too much caffeine can cause your heart to beat faster. It can increase your blood pressure. Caffeine can also cause you to become dehydrated because caffeine is a diuretic, which means it increases the amount of urine you put out," says Sotiria Everett RD, CDN, clinical nutritionist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

"Most people do not have to worry about cutting back on caffeine as long as they are staying under about 500 milligrams. That's about four cups of coffee a day," says Jeffers. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the average American consumes about 300 milligrams of caffeine per day.

Most experts agree that getting more than 600 milligrams of caffeine per day is too much. "But if you are sensitive to caffeine, even one or two cups of coffee could cause side effects. Children may be very sensitive to the effects of caffeine. For pregnant women, the safe limit is only 200 milligrams," says Everett.

With all of that data and research on the negatives, BOOM Power Rush gives you the positives!  Loaded with a deep list of amino acids that help keep insulin up while providing a virtually sugar free formula that really works!  No crash, because of no sugar and an amount of caffeine that is suitable.  210 mg for men and 105 mg of caffeine for women per serving.  And with great transporters like alpha lipoic acid, niacin and potassium bicarbonate that allows boom to hit your bloodstream quickly.  

BOOM Power Rush also has glutamine and creatine in the mix to help sustain insulin and glycemic levels for longer periods of energy. 

The product comes in 5 delicious flavors and is easy to mix by providing stick packs for easy mixing.  

Move over Crash and move in BOOM!  

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