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Think about this for just a minute. Take a Mom who is 30 years old. She has two kids under the age of 3. One child is 18 months and one child is 3.  Let’s assume that the 18 month old weighs 15 pounds and is a boy.  Let’s assume that the 3 year old weighs 25 pounds and is a girl.  That is a combined weight of 40 pounds.  Now, let’s go through just the first hour of this Mom's day:

  • Children wake up, Mom picks up the baby out of crib and sets on changing table and takes off changing table
  • Mom helps toddler out of bed.
  • Mom holds toddler
  • Mom picks back up baby who is now crying
  • Mom picks up baby out of tub
  • Mom picks up baby and puts in high chair
  • Mom picks up toddler and puts in chair to eat breakfast
  • Mom takes baby out of chair after breakfast
  • Mom takes toddler out of chair after breakfast
  • Mom re-changes diaper on baby.
  • Mom picks up toddler to set on bench to tie shoes.
  • Mom picks back up baby now crying.
  • Mom picks up both kids to carry out and put in the car to leave for day.
  • Mom takes kids out of car when she arrives at first destination for the day.

Sound exhausting?  Well…it is!

Twenty times in one hour bending over, turning sideways up and down and all around moving those kids!  And 20 times x 40 pounds= 800 pounds of volume.  Most Moms will do this from 7am-10 pm every day!!  That is 15 hours of consistent lifting and exertion on their body.  And in pounds if we calculate that.  It equals over 12,000 lbs. of volume!!!!  Mom’s are tough, very tough and we have not even calculated the heart rate or cardio she is getting. 

Many Moms do not have the time and run out of the energy to even workout.  But, with that kind of lifting, maybe they already have?  So, there is a secret weapon for Moms to keep up everyday with this type of schedule…..BOOM Power Rush!  Boom has an instant explosion of energy that a Mom will feel!  This energy comes from a powerful list of amino acids that are contained in BOOM.  These amino acids are fueled by Niacin to hit the bloodstream quickly and a buffered anhydrous caffeine that is within a safe level to help satisfy energy for long periods of time.  

Moms also want to lose weight and burn fat.  BOOM Power Rush contains Arginine, Taurine and Beta Alanine all proven to help increase metabolic flow and help with fat loss.  BOOM Power Rush tastes great and comes in 5 delicious flavors.  The product is easy to throw in your purse as it is in a convenient stick pack and most important, there are no processed sugars.  BOOM Power Rush is the most powerful, natural energy drink that Moms love!  Millions of BOOM drinks have been consumed and thousands of Moms love the energy.  

Drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon to keep up with your busy lifestyle of kids, home and the chaos of being a Mom!  BOOM also has glutamine to help with brain capacity and potassium helps with consistent blood flow and helps to clear your mind.
Bottom line..Moms love BOOM Power Rush.  A quick two minute fix, to the millions of minutes they fix!

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